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Solar Power is here to stay! More and more homes in Kings county are installing solar panels to offset the rising costs of electricity. Many people don’t realize that once the panels have been installed they need to be maintained to insure maximum electrical output. Dust from the planting and harvesting seasons and ash from fires will build up a layer of dirt called “soilage” that can reduce electrical output from 5%-10% a month, depending on the amount of dust. If the soilage is not removed regularly it can have a dramatic impact on efficiency. Seasonal rain and regular spraying with a hose can help, but just like a car, dirt will continue to build up if it is not scrubbed clean.

That is where we come in! By using a professional system that includes a Water Fed Pole (WFP) and a De-Ionizing (DI) unit we can quickly scrub off the dirt, without damaging the glass on the solar panels. The DI unit treats the water so no spots are left on the glass, which means we don’t need to use soap or any chemicals to clean the panels. It also means we can work quickly, which saves you money as well!

We are convinced that Solar Cleaning Saves Money! Call, text, or email us to set up an appointment. Call (559) 354-0046 or write info@solarcleaningkings.com